Cambridge School of Constanta - Educational Center Highschool
Cambridge School of Constanta - Educational Center Highschool
Cambridge School of Constanta - Educational Center Highschool
Cambridge School of Constanta - Educational Center Highschool
Cambridge School of Constanta - Educational Center Highschool
Cambridge School of Constanta - Educational Center Highschool
Cambridge School of Constanta - Educational Center Highschool
Cambridge School of Constanta - Educational Center Highschool
Cambridge School of Constanta - Educational Center Highschool
Cambridge School of Constanta - Educational Center Highschool

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Bucurie-n miscare

12:22:56 2018-05-17

Bucurie în Mişcare, prima dată în Constanţa Când? - Vineri, 18 mai, între 12.00 -14.00. Despre ce este vorba? - Ne provoacă la jocuri şi la activităţi menite să încurajeze copiii să facă mişcare : panou de căţărare de 6m cu 3 zone de escaladă, un labirint interactiv, terenuri de mini fotbal, streetball, tenis cu picioarul, tenis de masă, zonă cu jocuri de teambuilding, cursă cu obstacole, pistă pentru role/carturi/trotinete, o zonă de mister cu un labirint de străbătut contratimp, tir cu arcul, saltea de mari dimensiuni, funny basketball, s... read more

Summer Camp 7th-11th 2018

14:01:18 2018-05-08

Inreg. No.: 780/07.05.2018 Dear students and parents, " A different school week: the more you know, the better you become" program, presents the Camp (English, German, Montaniard) at Sâmbăta de Sus, Braşovfrom 7th to 11th June 2018. This is organized for all the 2 – 10 grade students. The accommodation will be at “Miruna Resort”... read more

Winter Fair

12:05:52 2018-03-27

Vacancy for school year 2017-2018

10:14:20 2017-10-03

Join our team Click here for more details  Bibliography Click Chemistry Click Math Click Romanian Teacher Click Romanian Educator Click English Teacher Click Document for Request   read more

Summer Activities

10:11:11 2017-10-03

Trip to Danube Delta

10:08:57 2017-10-03

Our school is organizing  "Biology Lesson", a trip in the Danube Delta, Friday, 22nd september. Students will have the opportunity to explore one of the most beautiful areas in the country, the Danube Delta. The participants of the trip will be students from grade 5 to 10 accompanied by their teachers and medical staff... read more


10:07:09 2017-10-03

Itinerariu Tabara - Click here read more

Erasmus + Project

14:13:46 2017-03-31

“Promoting CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) Implementation in Europe” , Proiect ERASMUS + Anul 2017 marchează 30 de ani de programe europene în educaţie, formare şi tineret la nivel european, 20 de ani în România şi 10 ani de când suntem membri ai Uniunii Europene.Liceul Educational Center – Cambridge School of Constanţa participă ca partener în cadrul proiectului Erasmus + “Promoting CLIL Implementation in Europe”, alături de şcoli din Grecia, Lituania, Cehia şi Italia şi Universitatea “Aristotle” din Salonic... read more

Exams 2016

14:47:51 2017-03-27

10.10.2016 CAT Clasa I CAT Clasa a II-a  CAT Clasa a III-a CAT Clasa a IV-a Periodical Clasa a V-a A Periodical Clasa a V-a B Periodical Clasa a VI-a A Periodical Clasa a VI-a B Periodical Clasa a VII-a Periodical Clasa a VIII-a Periodical Clasa a IX-a Periodical Clasa a X-a Periodical Clasa a XI-a Periodical Clasa a XII-a read more

Revision Plan

14:46:30 2017-03-27

3.03.2017 Grade 1  Grade 2  Grade 3  Grade 4 Grade 5  Grade 6  Grade 2  Grade 7  Grade 8  Grade 9  Grade 10  Grade 11 & 12   read more


14:37:32 2017-03-27

CAT I A & B  CAT II A & B CAT III A & B  Periodical IV A Periodical IV B Periodical IX  Periodical V A  Periodical V B  Periodical VI A  Periodical VI B Periodical VII Periodical VIII Periodical X Periodical XI Periodical XII   read more

11:04:28 2017-03-24

 Super Fit Mama’s Day! Children and adults of all ages celebrate their mothers on this special day, turning an ordinary day into a very special one. This year, we launch the challenge to celebrate Mother's Day, along with co-experiencing your smaller teammate. Our priority is to turn people’s attention – especially kids - on to sports and being active with a funny fitness program... read more

International University Fair 8th Edition

10:58:23 2016-10-13

Cambridge School of Constanta, UK Study Romania and SRT Student Recruitment Tours invites you to a meeting with the top Universities ambassadors at the International University Fair - 8th Edition, on October 12th 2016, opening hours : 11.00 am- 4.00 pm.  read more

1st Day of School 2016-2017

11:18:53 2016-09-08

Monday, on September 5th 2016, Cambridge School of Constanta had a Fresh Start. Together with Mr. Carrot and his friends, we discovered the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Children, parents and teachers talked about the new school year while enjoying the healthy treats at the Fresh Bar : lemonade, vegetables and fruits.      Cambridge School highlights a very important motto : "Mens sana in corpore sano"... read more

About Cambridge School of Constanta

15:24:51 2015-11-10

    In our school, 40% of the students come from various European countries, such as England, Russia, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Greece, France, Netherlands, Serbia, Macedonia, as well as non- European countries:  Turkey, Korea, Syria, Lebanon, USA, Iran, Mexico, Palestine, Egypt, Nicaragua, Ghana, Kazakhstan.   We have created a tolerant, multicultural, educational climate that promotes diversity, collaboration and respect... read more


13:15:03 2015-10-13

  UK Study Romania ofer? consiliere si sprijin pentru elevii de liceu care doresc s? studieze in Marea Britanie. Organizatia este condus? de fosti studenti care au absolvit cursuri de licenta oferite de universitatile din Marea Britanie si are o experienta de peste 7 ani in recrutarea studentilor.   Membrii echipei noastre participa in mod regulat la pregatiri oferite de British Council Romania si detin certificarea oficiala Education UK oferita de British Council pentru agentii educationali... read more



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Summer Camp 7th-11th 2018


We kindly inform you that from 7th to 11th June, the Ministry of Education in Romania develops the program " A different school week: the more you know, the better you become". As a result, we have to remind you that the students’ participation is mandatory throughout this period. Considering proposals from both students and parents and the past years successful camps, our school has the following programme: thematic trip (Montaniard workshops, trips, English or German workshops) to Sâmbăta de Sus, Braşov.

The trip is dedicated to students from grade 2 to 10. The accommodation will be at “Miruna Resort”. The trip will start on Thursday, June 7th June and will end on Monday, 11th June.

Registration and half payment of participation fee must be paid until Tuesday, 15 May 2018. The deadline for the second half of the payment is May30th. Please contact 0727 213 213 for further information.

Discover the outdoor activities. A little bite of all before the big bite of life.

Summer Camp Cambridge School Constanta

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Padova Math en Jeans Congress


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Exams Dates : 

24th  of April 2018 – ENGLISH

25th  of April  2018– MATH

26th  of April  2018- SCIENCE

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We strongly recommend you to experience the 8th April IELTS demo exam for the soon to come live test on the 20th of May.
Be inspired and improve your performance after you receive qualified feedback for the written test ( 3rd of June - Listening, Reading, Writing) and the Speaking test. For more details, please contact 0725 193 006.

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