Admission Steps

Cambridge School of Constanta accepts applications for enrolment all year round, from both local and international candidates. The registration process is completed in a series of steps, with places offered in accordance with the spaces available in each class.

Schedule a school visit

Make an appointment to meet with our staff and gain further insight into the educational programmes on offer at Cambridge School of Constanta. Take a tour of the school grounds and learn about life as a part of the school community.

Complete the registration file

  1. Enrolment application
  2. Medical history issued by the family doctor
  3. Two recent passport photos
  4. A complete school history
  5. A photocopy of the student’s birth certificate or identification document (ID) or passport or student residence permit (only for non-Romanian citizens)
  6. A photocopy of the parent’s identity document (ID) or passport or parent’s residence permit

Admission test

All candidates applying for admission to grades 1 – 12 will be required to complete an internal admission test. The test is used to determine the student’s academic ability in key subjects, identify key educational needs and establish an individualised learning plan.

Student enrolment

Read and sign the school contract and the attached documents, to complete the registration process.


Age groups

With all levels of study available at Cambridge School of Constanta, it is essential to ensure that each student is enrolled correctly, in the appropriate year of study. New students who apply for admission to Cambridge School of Constanta will be placed in an appropriate class, according to their full school history; the student’s age; and correspondence between the previous educational system and the British/Romanian system (with regards to years of study).

Fee Policy

  • Registration fee – 1500 euro

It is paid once, for all the new students registered (not included in the school fee).

  • School fees 2023 – 2024/year

Mini Nursery                            5000

 Nursery, KG1, KG2                 6000 €

Grades 0 – 4                             6500 €

Grades 5 – 8                             7000 €

Grades 9 – 12                           7500 €


  • Discounts are applicable as follows:
  • Best academic results – 30% tuition fee discount for a mark of 10 in the previous year general average (grade 5 – 12);
  • Siblings – 5% tuition fee discount for the second sibling;

                  – 10% tuition fee discount for the third sibling and more.


  • Methods of payment for school fees:

Tuition to be paid in three (3) installments, one advance payment and two equal installments:

  • 1st installment – 1500 € registration fee for new student; /

                      – 1000 € advance payment for reenrollment, old student (part of the school fee);

  • 2nd installment, to be paid by September 30, 2023;
  • 3rd installment, to be paid by January 31, 2024.
  • Afterschool program

For Mini Nursery is included in the school fee.

Nursery to Grade 5 – from Monday to Thursday – 1700 €/year, with term payments.

  • Transport (bus)

Constanta: 300 €/Child – 400 €/2 siblings – 460 €/3 siblings / month for two ways;

Exterior routes: 420 €/Child – 600 €/2 siblings – 660 €/3 siblings / month for two ways;

  • Meal Service

Menu – breakfast + lunch (consisting of main course, side dish, salad and dessert) – 50 lei/day.


Cambridge School of Constanta’s set uniform unites members of the student community and reflects the key principles and sense of pride, at the centre of all school orientated learning programmes and daily activities. Students are required to wear the correct school garments while attending school each day, with the neat, comfortable school uniform encouraging self-respect and self-confidence.

For details on purchasing the required school uniform, please contact the Cambridge School of Constanta secretary.


At Cambridge School of Constanta, there is an understanding of the importance of good nutrition for growing children and the vital role that food plays in the learning process. A nutritious diet leads to better performance in the classroom and a more productive student community thus, a catering service is provided for pupils who would like to have healthy food prepared for them at school every day. The menu is varied, having been specially created by a pediatrician and nutritionist, to respect the nutritional principles and dietary requirements necessary for the healthy growth and development of children.


Cambridge School of Constanta’s transport programme provides students with a convenient, reliable and comfortable means of transportation, at the beginning and end of each school day. The safety and wellbeing of our students is the central focus of this service, with dedicated and experienced drivers ensuring that students arrive at their destination safely and on time.

All bus service requests are registered with and processed by the Cambridge School of Constanta secretary.