Students who attend Cambridge School of Constanta at a high school level, from grades 9 – 12, are given the opportunity to immerse themselves in educational programmes which are of the highest academic standard and can be tailored to meet the needs and interests of each individual student. With a variety of subjects and educational programmes on offer, students are able to follow a path that leads to personal growth, continuous development and individual success.

The main focus at this stage of the educational journey, is to further enhance a student’s love of learning, while deepening their understanding of subject areas, reinforcing solid studying habits and teaching valuable life skills. Students are encouraged to learn to work effectively as individuals and as part of a team, aiding in the development of communication, leadership and collaborative skills, while cultivating responsibility and respect for others.



High School students follow the Cambridge International curriculum, obtaining the Cambridge International Certificate of Education (ICE) at the end of Grade 10 and the Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE), at the end of Grade 12.

In order to obtain the ICE Certificate, students are required to pass a minimum of seven IGCSE subjects, selected from the five IGCSE curriculum areas: languages; humanities and social sciences; science; mathematics; and creative and professional subjects such as business studies, travel and tourism, and information and communication technology

Students wishing to obtain the AICE Diploma are required to gain a minimum of seven credits across their accumulated AS and A Level studies.These seven credits must be obtained by following the diploma guidelines, selecting subjects from the designated subject groups, while also completing Cambridge AS Level Global Perspectives & Research, which is a compulsory requirement. Subjects offered at this level include: Global Perspectives and Research; Mathematics and Sciences (Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Information technology); Languages (English, Arabic, French, German, Spanish); and Arts and Humanities (Travel and Tourism, Business, History, Psychology).

The diploma obtained upon graduation at the end of Grade 12, is internationally recognised and is accepted by prestigious higher education institutions worldwide. Students who complete their high school education at Cambridge School of Constanta are accepted to top universities in Europe, Asia and America each year, with alumni currently working and studying successfully around the world. To be equivalent to the Romanian Baccalaureate Diploma, graduates must have a General Certificate of Education and complete a minimum of two A Level subjects.



Evaluation is a key component of the educational process at high school level, as assessments provide vital information regarding a student’s academic performance, to better track their progress in preparation for Cambridge examinations. This process allows for a comprehensive understanding of a student’s strengths and weaknesses in each subject area, so that teachers can formulate structured learning programmes which suit the needs of each student, thus providing individualised support and ensuring academic and personal development, that leads to a successful outcome at the end of each stage of learning.

In addition to the internal assessments, high school students also sit examinations during the Cambridge examination sessions each year. Cambridge School of Constanta’s main session for Cambridge examinations at IGCSE, AS Level and A Level is in May/June each year. An October/November examination session is also available for students who wish to retake an exam from the previous May/June session, or should the subject require an earlier or later examination date.

High school activities



Cambridge School of Constanta’s High school extracurricular programmes are designed to complement and extend the learning which takes place during the usual class schedule, allowing for a more comprehensive understanding of the material being studied and creating an environment where students can grow and develop as individuals, while pursuing authentic, engaging and immersive learning experiences. The clubs and activities on offer, aim to empower students and equip them with the necessary tools to succeed in life after high school, effectively preparing them for university and their future careers, by providing them with every opportunity to create a portfolio which reflects a well-rounded and well-developed individual, so that they can apply to top universities around the world with confidence.

A number of clubs and programmes are offered annually, including: business club; the Jingle Box and the community service programme; public speaking, debating, speech and drama club; CSC News (journalism club); work experience programme; tours and excursions.

CSC News (Journalism Club)

Dedicated to the creation and publication of content for the CSC newsletter and magazine, this committee aims to provide a platform for students interested in journalism, creative writing, photography, editorial roles and communications. Students are assigned tasks which allow them to enhance their writing skills, take on the role of a reporter, help with the creation of published materials and experience the wonder of online and print media.

Work Experience Programme

Cambridge School of Constanta has noted the importance of career orientation at a high school level and thus offers a programme aimed at providing support and guidance for students, as they attempt to decide on a future career path. This programme is conducted in partnership with local businesses and organisations, in order to provide work experience for our students, as they are able to actively participate in a work environment and gain valuable information about the career they are considering for themselves.

Tours and excursions
Each year, a tour or excursion to view universities abroad is organised to further support students in deciding what path to take after graduation. A UK University tour is undertaken annually, with Cambridge School of Constanta students and teachers visiting prestigious universities in Great Britain. They are therefore provided with the opportunity to come into direct contact with professors and campus representatives, while being able to observe life on campus.