Middle School


Secondary school is an important part of a student’s academic career, as it prepares them to successfully transition to high school, by ensuring that they have the knowledge and skills required, to successfully navigate a higher level of study.

This level of study focuses on further enhancing each student’s understanding of theoretical concepts learnt in class, by applying theory to real world scenarios. Students are provided with the opportunity to explore their own ideas and interests, while developing their creative, critical thinking and communication skills. Teachers support and encourage students on an individual basis, so as to ensure that every child develops academically and personally, while cultivating feelings of compassion, responsibility, ambition and self-confidence.



The Cambridge School of Constanta secondary school curriculum is taught in English and forms a solid academic foundation for students. It is designed to meet the requirements of both the Romanian and British international academic syllabuses, with an extended focus on mathematics, science and English. Students deepen their understanding of key theoretical concepts in all main subject areas, including: language and communication; mathematics and natural sciences; man and society; art; physical education and sport; and technology.



Student evaluation is a central part of the educational programme offered by Cambridge School of Constanta. Information about a student’s academic and personal performance is gathered and used to form a comprehensive understanding of each student’s academic capabilities, as well as their social and behavioural development.  This allows teachers to create customised learning plan for every student, ensuring that each child’s needs are being met, while supporting and encouraging their development as an individual.

In addition to the usual internal assessments, secondary school students also participate in both the National Assessment examinations (NE 6 and NE 8) and the Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint international examinations, written at the end of the secondary school cycle.

Our activities


Cambridge School of Constanta offers a wide range of extracurricular activities to provide middle school students with the opportunity to learn new skills, enhance their understanding of a particular field of study and explore their own interests. These afterschool programmes also create a context in which students can interact with each other, sharing ideas and learning valuable social, communication and collaboration skills, while learning to express themselves and socialising in a diverse and interactive environment. From community projects, educational workshops and informative presentations, to creative projects, exhibitions and theme days, there is a wide variety of activities available for everyone to enjoy throughout the year.