Cambridge School of Constanta’s kindergarten welcomes students ranging from two to six years old and provides a high standard of early education. This level of learning focuses on nurturing the individual growth and development of each child, by cultivating self-confidence and encouraging students to be imaginative and curious about the world around them.

The dedicated team of kindergarten teachers create a warm, welcoming learning environment, which is both motivational and supportive, so that students feel comfortable engaging with their environment in a dynamic manner, through play, observation, speech and imagination.

Cambridge School of Constanta offers an intensive academic approach to the development of preschool students, with all classes conducted exclusively in English. This means that kindergarten prepares students for excellence in the next level of their studies within the Cambridge system, whilst also assisting in the development of essential life skills.



At Cambridge School of Constanta, the preschool curriculum is tailored to align with both the Romanian and British international academic syllabuses, and includes the following learning areas: communication and language; physical development; personal, social and emotional development; literacy; mathematics; understanding the world; and arts and creativity.



Part of the educational programme implement by Cambridge School of Constanta’s kindergarten team, is the evaluation of students. The evaluation process tracks a child’s progress, through observation, practical activities and assessments, so that a personalised learning plan may be created for every student. This assists in forming a comprehensive understanding of the level of ability, improvement and needs, of each child, so that they can develop successfully.

Parents receive regular feedback on the student’s behaviour in class, eating habits, social development and academic progress, via face-to-face meetings and on the school’s Kinderpedia platform. This feedback allows parents to remain informed about their children’s academic and personal development, so that they may constantly monitor their child’s progress.

Preschool Activities


Learning through play is an important part of the kindergarten learning experience, as it allows for the development of a child’s imagination and memory, as well as thinking and language skills. Students can also explore their own preferences, opinions and ideas, while learning from those around them, aiding in the development of social skills and the establishment of individual personality traits. Outdoor play is encouraged due to its role in developing mobility and coordination, while supporting physical development and providing social activities for students to enjoy.

Cambridge School of Constanta offers a wide range of exciting extracurricular activities to extend a student’s learning beyond the classroom. These activities typically include: piano, robotics, creative clubs, musical learning activities, language clubs, basketball, football, Zumba, yoga, gymnastics and ballet. Field trips, community outreach projects, thematic events and educational presentations by special guests are organised regularly, to provide an opportunity for students to gain a better understanding of the world they live in and develop key personal skills and attributes.

Daily schedule

Cambridge School of Constanta offers two kindergarten schedules: