Welcome message from the school principal

Prof. Nicoleta Grigoraș

Dear students and parents,

Welcome to the Cambridge School of Constanta family!

Our school is dedicated to maintaining an exceptional educational environment, providing education of an excellent standard, with teaching of the highest standard, using engaging methods, while encouraging personal development and academic success for each student, according to their individual needs, skills and interests.

The University of Cambridge certified curriculum, offers our students a significant educational advantage, as it is specially designed to allow them to gain an in-depth mastery of key concepts related to each subject they choose to study.

Our teaching team consists of qualified and experienced professionals, passionate about their fields of expertise, as well as the progress of each student. It is a privilege to work with such a team and to see how their enthusiasm, guidance, knowledge and motivation inspire students to achieve the best results possible, while always striving for successful learning outcomes and self-improvement.

The diplomas obtained at the end of each stage of education have both national and international recognition, and we are proud to acknowledge that our graduates are accepted at many of the top universities in the UK, every year.

The welcoming and motivating environment, together with the dynamics of the teaching and the extra-curricular activities, makes us unique in the landscape of schools at regional level.

In the Cambridge School of Constanta family, our students and teachers are the essential ingredients that allow our school to constantly evolve and to present society with strong, inventive and rational young people with well-defined personalities.

We invite you to get to know our Cambridge School of Constanta community, where education and life combine.

Kind regards,

Nicoleta Grigoraș,

Director of the “Educational Center” Theoretical High School – Cambridge School of Constanta