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Welcome to Cambridge School of Constanta!


Welcome message from the school principal

Prof. Nicoleta Grigoraș

Dear students and parents,

Welcome to the Cambridge School of Constanta family!

Our school is dedicated to maintaining an exceptional educational environment, providing education of an excellent standard, with teaching of the highest standard, using engaging methods, while encouraging personal development and academic success for each student, according to their individual needs, skills and interests.

The University of Cambridge certified curriculum, offers our students a significant educational advantage, as it is specially designed to allow them to gain an in-depth mastery of key concepts related to each subject they choose to study.

Our teaching team consists of qualified and experienced professionals, passionate about their fields of expertise, as well as the progress of each student. It is a privilege to work with such a team and to see how their enthusiasm, guidance, knowledge and motivation inspire students to achieve the best results possible, while always striving for successful learning outcomes and self-improvement.

The diplomas obtained at the end of each stage of education have both national and international recognition, and we are proud to acknowledge that our graduates are accepted at many of the top universities in the UK, every year.

The welcoming and motivating environment, together with the dynamics of the teaching and the extra-curricular activities, makes us unique in the landscape of schools at regional level.

In the Cambridge School of Constanta family, our students and teachers are the essential ingredients that allow our school to constantly evolve and to present society with strong, inventive and rational young people with well-defined personalities.

We invite you to get to know our Cambridge School of Constanta community, where education and life combine.

Kind regards,

Nicoleta Grigoraș,

Director of the “Educational Center” Theoretical High School – Cambridge School of Constanta

Why choose Cambridge School of Constanta

A center of academic excellence
At Cambridge School of Constanța we offer more than just an educational process, we prepare our students for life by combining a dedicated approach to academics with the development of essential skills and knowledge, so that they can cultivate an open mind, critical thinking skills and a long-lasting passion for learning.
Rigorous educational standards
The academic programmes offered harmoniously combine both the Romanian national curriculum and the University of Cambridge curriculum, in order to better prepare students for university and life within a fast-paced, ever-changing society.
Flexible, customisable learning syllabus
Cambridge School of Constanta implements an international approach to teaching and follows a flexible school curriculum, with syllabuses that are challenging yet inspiring. Students are encouraged to engage with the information they learn in an interesting and stimulating manner, while following a pathway which best suits their individual needs.
World-renowned diplomas and qualifications
Students at Cambridge School of Constanta obtain Cambridge International qualifications that are accepted and recognised worldwide. This gives them the advantage of being able to easily continue their studies in other Cambridge schools around the world, while also having the ability to apply to universities with a solid academic portfolio.

Why choose Cambridge School of Constanta

Outstanding admission results to prestigious universities in Europe
Over 90% of high school graduates have been accepted by prestigious universities throughout Europe, with graduates attending schools such as University of Birmingham, University of Liverpool, University of Chester, University of Coventry, University of Suffolk, Erasmus University Rotterdam, University of Nottingham, Gloucestershire University, University of Kingston, City University London, Central Bedfordshire College, Southampton Solent University, College of Brighton, South Bank University, University of Roehampton, London Metropolitan University, University College Birmingham and Kent University.
Parents are an active part of the Cambridge School of Constanta community School of Constanța
The solid relationships built between parents, students and teachers, form the foundation of Cambridge School of Constanta’s educational framework. Dialogue between members of our community is encouraged to ensure the successful academic and personal development of each student.
Diversity celebrated in harmony
The Cambridge School of Constanta community includes over 300 students from multiple countries. By providing a considerate and courteous learning environment, learners are encouraged to discover and respect different cultures, traditions and languages.



Ensuring that every student at Cambridge School of Constanta has access to the educational environment required for comprehensive, valuable development, while working in partnership with social role players, to promote tolerance and understanding between children of different socio-cultural and linguistic backgrounds.



Cambridge School of Constanta, together with all other educational facilities, ensures that all students have equal opportunities for study, social protection, and intellectual and career development, in a united Europe, by strengthening and diversifying the formative side of the educational process.

Cambridge School of Constanta harmoniously combines the Romanian national curriculum and the British curriculum, with the main objective of educating students for their role in a society that is constantly changing and developing; thus, providing students with the necessary training to obtain national and international diplomas (ICE Certificate and AICE Diploma) which allow them access to over 150 universities worldwide.



The Ministry of Education and Research
Educational Center Theoretical Highschool Constanta – Cambridge School of Constanta is accredited through O.M. no.4893/26.08.2013, for all levels of education: preschool, primary, secondary, and high school.

Cambridge International Examinations
Cambridge School of Constanta is recognised by the University of Cambridge as an examination centre, which offers excellent opportunities for students aged 12 to 18, to obtain the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and later, the Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE), which allows access to universities worldwide.


Educational horizon



Cambridge School of Constanta offers educational programmes of the highest academic standard and provides a schooling system which ensures that each student receives the support and guidance required to learn, develop and excel, both academically and personally. The fundamental goal is to provide more than just an educational process, by creating a complex, engaging and personalised learning experience for our students, which matches international standards for education.

Key beliefs at Cambridge School of Constanta

  • When children feel safe and valued for who they are, they are capable of enjoying education, developing a healthy emotional intelligence, cultivating an innovative and progressive mindset, and developing their self-confidence.
  • Students deserve the chance to discover and cultivate their passion for learning through a challenging curriculum and exciting extracurricular activities, with the help of dedicated, professionally trained teachers.
  • Forming and maintaining strong relationships, in a warm and protective learning environment, will lead to the discovery of the identity and potential of each student.


Building on a legacy of excellence, the Cambridge School of Constanta vision is to serve as a model for effective teaching and learning in a dynamic educational environment, where teachers can excel as education providers, while allowing students to develop to their fullest potential intellectually, socially, physically and emotionally.


a diverse learning environment, which is unique within the Constanta region. Throughout its history, Cambridge School of Constanta has undergone several transformations in order to become the well-established and distinguished school that it is today.
Established in 2002, under the patronage of the Lebanese Embassy in Romania, it was first known as, Lebanese School. In 2006, the school became a subsidiary of Cambridge School of Bucharest and its name changed to Cambridge School of Bucharest Constanta. Finally, in 2008, the name was proudly changed to Educational Center – Cambridge School of Constanta, as it gained authorisation from MECT through OM no. 5435/23.09.2008 and accreditation by MEN through OM no. 4893/26.08.2013, for all levels of education.
Cambridge School of Constanta prides itself on having a teaching staff of professionals from both Romania and abroad (UK, Spain, South Africa, Australia and other parts of the world), who together, provide students with an education of the highest standard.
Students consistently receive the best results for IGCSE and A Level examinations within the region, and each year, high school graduates are admitted to top universities around the world.

The parent community

Cambridge School of Constanta endeavours to create a learning environment which thrives due to the development of close partnerships with parents. Parent participation in school events and activities, increases family involvement in the education of students, which aids in building a strong school community, which becomes a natural extension of each student’s family.

There is value in the opinion of each member of the Cambridge School of Constanta community, thus, a receptive and constructive approach to communication and feedback is maintained, to facilitate the exchange of ideas and ensure that parents remain informed about their children’s progress. Parents are also provided with access to their own personal Kinderpedia accounts, which provide essential information about a student’s classes and academic situation, at any time.




Cambridge School of Constanta offers a range of educational and developmental facilities on campus.

The Cambridge exam hall is setup according to the standards imposed by the University of Cambridge, while the school’s science lab brings learning to life, by facilitating experiments that enhance a student’s understanding of key concepts relating to chemistry, physics, and biology. The IT laboratory has a network of 24 computers, used for both Information and Communication Technology and computer science classes, as well as a variety of extracurricular activities, which allow students to develop important skills and knowledge in the field of IT. The sports hall (gymnasium) is is equipped according to European standards and allows for the practice of a wide range of sports, including football, basketball, handball, and tennis. As a result, physical education and sports classes are a constant opportunity for students to have fun and exercise, strengthening their immune systems while helping to improve their school performance, discipline, motivation, team spirit and sportsmanship.

The school library is an important source of information for Cambridge School of Constanta students and holds a selection of up-to-date nonfiction and fiction books and novels. The indoor and outdoor playgrounds have been designed to provide recreational spaces for students to enjoy breaks with their colleagues, as well as planned, educational activities and fun events. The dining areas (cafeteria) provide a comfortable and safe space in which students can enjoys their meals each day, with one room for kindergarten students (total capacity of 60 seats) and another dining room for primary school, middle school, and high school students (total capacity of 110 seats).

Cambridge School of Constanta aims to maintain a modern approach to teaching and each classroom is equipped with the latest available technologies, allowing for more engaging and interactive lessons. For safety purposes, all school spaces are also equipped with a video surveillance system and, for parents of children in kindergarten, grades 0 and grade 1, it is possible to watch the footage from home.